We are glad to announce the release of our 2021 End-Of-Year Report. There are all kinds of actions from the past year that we are happy to celebrate and reflect on. This includes our advocacy and organizing around the issue areas of higher education, civic engagement, and criminal justice.

In 2021, our members were critical in a campaign collecting signatures for the petition that eventually became Issue 24 in Cleveland, a police accountability measure that passed and will establish the strongest civilian oversight board in the country. We were also actively engaged in conversations, training, and action around student debt relief, combating the ‘transcript trap,’ expanding financial aid, and more.

Finally, as always, we are constantly working to help get out the vote and better engage young people in the democratic process.

Check out our work from this past year— including our accomplishments, our challenges, and our growth over time— by looking at our annual report. To support our organization and its important work, donate here.