How are we doing it?

Cultural Strategy is a field of practice and learning which engages all aspects of cultural life and all avenues of social change. This work creates conditions for sustainable cultural change and fortifies social justice efforts with hope, imagination, and possibility. Basically, this work is joy centered AF. We are building a creative network in Ohio centered on power-building large enough to disrupt outdated narratives, by creating new, radical, and artist-driven narrative campaigns that center racial, economic, climate, and reproductive justice in the contexts of the current political climate. 

Artist-Activist Fellowship

In different ways and through different mediums, artist-activists have an integral role in cultural organizing work. In OSA’s first artist fellowship, eight artists utilized their skills and followed their passions to tell stories, amplify certain messages, and build community. These creative projects are discussed by some of the fellows in a live-streamed forum which can be watched here.