Introducing . . . 

The “Invest in Ed, Divest from Prisons” Report  (click here)

and The Ed4All Convening (October 19th – 20th 2019) 


“Invest in Ed, Divest from Prisons: How shrinking incarceration can save higher education”  is not just a list of statistics showing how our education system and our prison system leave black, brown, and poor students behind; it’s a document with stories from people seeing the system break day by day; it’s also our first step toward a concrete vision of how we can transform Ohio’s public institutions. In it you will find specific ways we can move funds into higher education away from mass incarceration.

Higher education is out of reach for many, yet remains the best corridor for upward mobility in the US. Money that should go toward funding students struggling to get ahead is invested in prisons and jails, even though it costs far less to educate an Ohioan than it does to incarcerate one. So, why are Ohioans being locked up more frequently than they are completing advanced degrees? OSA demands this pattern change.

Read our report to see concrete ways that the state can re-align its priorities! 

But we’re not just talking about change. We’re launching a movement to make change. We invite you to join us at The Ed4All Convening (10/19 – 10/20), where we will bring together people who have seen the broken parts of the higher education system and craft a 2020 Ed4All Plan. We will take this bold vision into 2020 through political advocacy, voter education, campus organizing, and cultural interventions. And we want you to be part of shaping it. To register, please visit:

We will bring together students, professors, alumni, and community members to design a policy plan to open up higher education for ALL Ohioans. 

Moving away from the cash money bail system, reducing incarceration practices that waste state dollars, expanding financial aid, rolling back debilitating student debt practices . . .  these steps can give Ohioans — whether white, black, or brown — equal access to stability and a sense of safety within their community.


Read the report.

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Get involved.