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Ohio Student Association (OSA) is a statewide organization led by young people in Ohio, working together in an intergenerational movement for racial, social, economic and educational justice. We are on campuses and in communities across the state of Ohio where we organize young people to build independent political power.


What do we do?

Higher Education

The Ohio Student Association is helping build a vehicle for people impacted by the crumbling public education system so they can get the power to transform that system to fit their needs. The pandemic has been a major source of stress for students who have had to adapt to these new circumstances and demands. Our…

Criminal Justice Reform

On and off campus, OSA members are fighting to end the criminalization of our communities, in particular that of black, brown, and poor young people. From the state level to the county and local levels, our folks are advocating for bail reform and progressive change to the criminal injustice system. This work is all the…

Cultural Organizing

How are we doing it? Cultural Strategy is a field of practice and learning which engages all aspects of cultural life and all avenues of social change. This work creates conditions for sustainable cultural change and fortifies social justice efforts with hope, imagination, and possibility. Basically, this work is joy centered AF. We are building…

Voter Registration & Electoral Work

The Ohio Student Association is committed to developing a youth electorate as a primary tool for power-building. Building an electorate is a lot like raising a child. We cannot ignore it for long periods of time, taking no responsibility for its development, showing up only when we want something. Instead, we must nurture our electorate,…

News & Updates

Cleveland Chapter / Criminal Justice Reform / Higher Education

OSA Cleveland State Picks up Wins to Make CSU More Accessible to Folks with Criminal Records

July 31, 2020

When we convened for the fall semester in 2019, OSA leaders Kevin Ballou, Donnell Walker and Jenna Thomas began building our campus chapter of OSA―a team that now includes 15 core team members and many supporters. Our goal was, and continues to be, to make Cleveland State more accessible to people with criminal records. Throughout…

Bail Reform / Criminal Justice Reform

Let them Go! Virtual Show

May 22, 2020

The Coalition to Stop the Inhumanity at the Cuyahoga County Jail led by member organization OSA held the “Let them Go!” fundraiser on Friday, May 22nd at 7 pm featuring a variety of talented local musicians including Kyle Kidd & Pete Saudek, Mikey Silas, and Teezy From The Clair as well as speakers David Okpara…


Fall Updates

October 23, 2020

Despite the organizing challenges posed by social distancing and remote learning, OSA chapters have recently hit the ground running! The Case Western and Cleveland State chapters held new member orientations and OSA Denison held their very first organizing training. In preparation for the 2020 elections, OSA members across the state have been hitting the streets…

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