What We Do

Below are the campaigns we are working on in 2019.

Voter Registration

& Electoral Work

Ohio Student Association brought that power to the ballot in 2018. We ran the largest in-state statewide field and digital program for young people 18-29 in Ohio, activating our youth vote communities turn out at 27% — nearly 2.5x the youth vote turnout in last midterm election. In 2018 we: registered 30,483 young people to…

Bail Reform

On and off campus, OSA members are fighting to end the criminalization of our communities, in particular that of black, brown, and poor young people. From the state level to the county and local levels, our folks are advocating for bail reform and progressive change to the criminal injustice system. OSA is leading the fight for…

Cultural Organizing

How are we doing it? Cultural Strategy is a field of practice and learning which engages all aspects of cultural life and all avenues of social change.  This work creates conditions for sustainable cultural change and fortifies social justice efforts with hope, imagination, and possibility.  Basically, this work is joy centered AF. Currently we are…

Higher Education

The first half of 2019 clarified our mission in higher education reform: we are building a vehicle for people impacted by the crumbling public education system so they can get the power to transform that system to fit their needs. In April, we saw an opportunity to push Ohio’s budget to reflect a pro-student and…