The Ohio Student Association is helping build a vehicle for people impacted by the crumbling public education system so they can get the power to transform that system to fit their needs.

The pandemic has been a major source of stress for students who have had to adapt to these new circumstances and demands. Our chapters have been fighting for the interests and issues of young Ohioans. Our chapter on Central State University successfully petitioned and won a refund of housing and meal plan costs for the Spring 2020 semester, as well as an extra $1,000 from the CARES Act. In August, OSA member Jarrod Robinson wrote an Op-Ed for the Columbus Dispatch on the topic of student debt which can be read here.

Help the OSA collect information on the impact of COVID-19 on college students, how universities across the state are responding, and what the needs of students are in this moment.

OSA is collecting student stories and experiences concerning applying and receiving grants allocated per CARES act. We are interested in examining the distribution of such grants to students, particularly in regards to community colleges, HBCUs, or students belonging to an underrepresented demographic.