OSA is a political home for young people.

The Ohio Student Association is a statewide grassroots organization led by young people and anchored by student-led chapters on college campuses across the state. OSA brings together young Ohioans from different backgrounds and with different experiences to imagine and fight for a better future.

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Our Work

Our work entails grassroots organizing, leadership development, political education, training, nonviolent direct action, advocacy for progressive public policy, and more. Our teams and chapters primarily focus on topics such as higher education, criminal justice reform, civic engagement, and cultural organizing. 

News & Updates

  • Ohio Voter Guide (2022)
  • Spring 2022 Update
    Education debt relief is an effective way to closen the racial wealth gap, kickstart the economy, and empower young people throughout the country. In May, the administration canceled student loans for around half a million students who attended a for-profit institution, the largest student debt cancellation action so far. Nonetheless, some 45 million borrowers remain… Read More
  • 2021 Annual Report
    We are glad to announce the release of our 2021 End-Of-Year Report. There are all kinds of actions from the past year that we are happy to celebrate and reflect on. This includes our advocacy and organizing around the issue areas of higher education, civic engagement, and criminal justice. In 2021, our members were critical… Read More


OSA isn’t about speaking for young people— it’s about empowering young people with the tools to not only speak for themselves, but to organize their communities and build power to win the future we all deserve.