Student Debt Petition

It is imperative we use our voices as students to advocate and fight for more accessible and affordable education. We are calling on President Biden and Ohio lawmakers to implement policy to end the student debt crisis and ensure every Ohioan can graduate and fulfill their dreams, regardless of race or income. Sign this petition and show your support for education debt cancellation.

Student Debt & Transcript Trap Survey

Did you leave your university with outstanding student debt? Has it impacted your ability to graduate? Did you have your transcript withheld? Were your college plans uprooted due to the cost of higher education or because you had to take time off for whatever reason? Are you currently struggling to navigate the crushing maze of paying off student debt?

CARES Act Grants at Ohio’s Colleges and Universities Survey

OSA is collecting student stories and experiences concerning applying and receiving grants allocated per CARES act. We are interested in examining the distribution of such grants to students, particularly in regards to community colleges, HBCUs, or students belonging to an underrepresented demographic.

College During COVID-19: Student Survey

Help the OSA collect information on the impact of COVID-19 on college students, how universities across the state are responding, and what the needs of students are in this moment.