OSA Staff

Prentiss Haney

Executive Director


Prentiss is the Executive Director of OSA, which means he is focused on getting that money for us young people to build that power. He is born and raised in Dayton, OH, has been organizing for 8 years, a member of OSA for 7 years, and leading the organization since 2017. He is a strategist, an artist, and human-building invested in transformative leadership and people power. He is the Beyhive Midwest Regional President and active member. He also loves TV shows and occasionally jokes of one day writing a comedy series about funerals and navigating a love life.

Rachael Collyer

Civic Engagement Manager


Rachael is the Civic Engagement Manager of OSA. She is from and currently organizes in Cleveland, OH, and has a borderline obnoxious level of Cleveland pride that has nothing to do with its sports teams. Rachael has been organizing for 6 years, has been a member of OSA since 2014, and has been on staff since 2017. Right now her work is primarily focused on bail reform and stopping the inhumanity at the Cuyahoga County Jail, as well as supporting campus teams with OSA’s ban-the-box campaign. Rachael likes going to shows, drinking boxed wine, reading fantasy and sci fi novels, and curating her blue ass aesthetic.


Kevin O'Donnell



Kevin’s mom took him to his first protest when he was still in the womb, shutting down a trash incinerator in their Dayton neighborhood. He’s been a pain in the ass ever since. Right now he’s organizing to pressure the Ohio Congress for more financial aid in the budget so that his broke-ass friends can stop asking him for gas money. After that, he’s planning to take over the entire education system with a people-powered wrecking machine that makes corporate politicians quake in their shoes. Whether suited up at the state house when his crew is giving testimony, or chained to an I.C.E. van — get you an organizer who can do both. When he’s not making mischief, he plays bass in a sad-boy folk trio (Kid Bigfoot), bakes pies, and trains in boxing and Muay Thai. Please don’t make him do paperwork. OSA just can’t seem to get rid of him. He went to a school in Boston. Well, technically Cambridge. No, not Tufts.

Mariah Johnson

Cultural Organizer


Mariah was born, raised, and currently lives, in Dayton, OH aka The Gem City and is OSA’s cultural organizer; cultivating a network of Ohio-based creatives toward cultural & narrative change while building power across the sector of political and cultural organizing.  Basically, she brings in dope, emerging artists to make this political work less daunting and full of joy and creative pizazz *cue jazz fingers*. Mariah has been organizing for one year and is a practicing artist of two years. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, craft enthusiast, poet, dancer, entrepreneur, avid reader, and in the infant stages of learning the bass guitar…look her up on all streaming platforms under Mariah J!

Shaunté Harris

Digital Campaign Manager


Shaunté was born and raised in Massillon, Ohio she is the Digital Campaign Manager for OSA. Her job is to create a fun interactive online community for OSA and show off the dope organizing and creativity happening around the state. Right now she makes sure OSA’s creative content reflects the bail reform, higher ed, and cultural organizing work and also updates everyone through our monthly newsletter. Shaunté has been digital organizing with OSA for 3 years. She is a strategist, filmmaker, youtuber, creative, makeup enthusiast and a beloved Beyhive member.